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Operated by Restringing Dynamics Of Inner Development, a non-profit organization for Holistic education, Mount Eden hosts retreats, seminars, workshops, weddings and life-cycle ceremonies.

We exist to create and provide a Holistic environment to nurture the body, the mind and the spirit. In doing so we invite those of like minds to rent our facilities for educational and experiential retreats which are designed to help people reclaim their wholeness, heal and to renew themselves and to get in touch with who they really are in a safe and serene environment.

We welcome the rainbow of diversity inspired by many spiritual paths: Yoga, Zen Buddhism, Mystical Judaism, Shamanism, Wicca, and others as we all reach for our Highest Common denominator to create a Center of Light.

Mount Eden is the ideal retreat environment for groups requiring safe and sacred space and love and light filled hospitality!

  • 189 acre hilltop paradise alive with Spiritual energy
  • Flexible meeting spaces
  • Attractive comfortable overnight accommodations for 35 guests
  • Organic gourmet vegetarian cuisine and more!

Our retreat is the creation and child of our visionary director, Delane Lipka.